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Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

We get a lot of questions around how to best look after your Adornmonde jewelry. So here are our tips for how we recommend you enjoy a long and happy life together.

Don’t wear your jewelry in water

Adornmonde jewelry is made from 925 silver or brass. We then plate onto this base metal with 14 karat, 18 karat, real gold, rose gold or rhodium plating. Because our jewelry is plated, we never recommend wearing this in water or when working out. Unless you are looking at a wearing a pure metal such as 24 karat gold (cha-ching, lucky you to be able to afford pure gold), un-plated 925 silver, surgical stainless steel etc., these types of pure metals can be safely worn in water with zero plating loss.

That being said all Adornmonde jewelry has additional plating added to it. Most fashion jewelry brands will plate between 0.5 to 1.5mills, we plated to around 6 to 8 mills. Our Adorn Luxe range also is plated with an additional layer or e-coating, a protective layer of transparent plating, to ensure that your jewelry looks better and last even longer.

In a nutshell the thicker the plating the longer your jewelry will stay looking fabulous.

Keep your jewelry away from cosmetics and chemicals

Just like some skin types can react to certain chemicals or beauty products, your jewelry can behave in the same way. If you want to wear perfumes or make up (obviously), make sure you apply these before putting on your jewelry

Never spray perfume or cosmetics directly onto your Adornmonde jewelry.

If you think your jewelry needs a little clean, we only ever recommend using a professional jewelry polishing cloth to care for your designs. Guys, remember never use chemicals products to clean your jewelry – they can react with the plating and they’re bad for the environment as well.

Store your jewelry in its jewelry bag or box

When you are not wearing your Adornmonde jewelry, keep it safely stored in its original jewelry bag or box. Don't just leave it out in the open. Over time the plating can react to things in the air that you can’t see such as chemicals, pollutants and humidity.

We all love a nice place to chill, right? So make sure your jewelry is housed in a safe place as well.

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