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At Adornmonde,
fashion and jewelry come together…
at last!

Created as an alternative to mainstream fashion jewelry brands
that always seem to miss that ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to designing
cool costume jewelry.  At Adornmonde, our purpose is simple — to design
and create beautiful, limited edition, fashion jewelry collections,
that are, well… fashionable.

The whole process starts with us thinking about what we really want to wear right now. An idea becomes a drawing and a drawing becomes an ear cuff or a ring set in less than a couple of weeks. This is a big part about what sets Adornmonde apart. Most fashion jewelry designers start working on their collection 8-10 months in advance. Instead, we’re relentlessly obsessing about making the most fashionable jewelry, the designs that you really want to wear, now. Because we believe good things don’t always have to come to those who wait.

And another thing, by cutting out the middleman and only selling online at, we’re not only able to get you the latest fashion jewelry so much faster, but we’ve also eliminated traditional retail mark-ups… so while your Uber
account might experience surge pricing — at least you know your jewelry won’t have to. At the same time, our focus is always on using the most premium materials; Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconias, 925 silver, brass and stainless steel to make the most beautiful jewelry, but at a fraction of the costs offered by designer jewelry brands.

We also know that a girl can never have too much of a good thing. Which is why we created Adorn Platinum. Our exclusive members-only shopping service — it entitles you to free expedite shipping and easy returns, first look at new releases, as well as members-only sales… all for the next 120 days. We love making your life easier and more stylish. Don’t worry about it… you can thank us later.
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